Freebie - Wooden gingerbread CU

Ce pack en Commercial Use se compose de 6 éléments (environ 1000 px) , Png 300 dpi.
Type de fichier : zip
1 fichier à télécharger : 10 Mo
Conditions d'utilisation : CU/PU/S4H/S4O
(penser à consulter les conditions d'utilisation contenues dans le fichier).

8 commentaires:

ike a dit…

FANTASTIC - so cute :-)
THANK YOU very much.
Happy festive season to you.
IKE in Greece xx

Kathie Stevens Designs a dit…

These are Adorable!

Thank you so very much and Happy Holidays to you :-)

marlah24 a dit…

Adorable. Thanks so much.

susan a dit…

Thank you for these cute gingerbread men!


NathL a dit…

bonjour Cajoline,
merci pour ce joli freebie :)
très belles fêtes à toi et ta famille :)

Anonyme a dit…

wish I would have seen these before I gave all my cookies away. Would have made precious tags for the bags of cookies. Thank you.

Kerry a dit…

Thank you, Cajoline, I have all your freebies. Can't wait to use them :)

Lynnz Kreationz a dit…

Cute! Thank You So Much!

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